The Black And Gold City Goes Green
The Black And Gold City Goes Green
Pittsburgh total reduction since March 2009: 4,149,939 lbs. of carbon dioxide per year!
The Black And Gold City Goes Green The Black And Gold City Goes Green
See that tally above?
That's how much CO2 you and your neighbors have saved -- so far. Tell us what you're doing to help that number grow!
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Neighborhood Blitzes

      What is a Neighborhood Blitz?

A Neighborhood Blitz is an event that grew from a pilot project and has been adopted by many Pittsburgh neighborhoods. The event entails Black and Gold City Goes Green volunteers going door-to-door handing out energy- and water saving tools such as CFL light bulbs, smart power strips, and LED nightlights.  These tools help folks save energy and money in their homes and in turn reduce their carbon dioxide emissions.

2013 Neighborhood Blitzes

We blitzed 8 neighborhoods in Pittsburgh in 2013, reaching over 800 residents of our city! Neighborhoods included: Larimer, Bloomfield, Scott Township, Squirrel Hill, Homewood,  Oakland, Lawrenceville & Marshall-Shadeland! We had a great time working with these neighborhoods and look forward to blitzing more communities in 2014!  

Energy Stealers: Change how you use energy!
Changing how you use energy and where you get your energy from are the two most important actions we can take to mitigate climate change. We want to help you save as much energy as possible. Some appliances and electronics in your home continue to steal energy even after they've been turned OFF. Tackle these Energy Stealers by unplugging appliances with clocks and lights that remain on. And while we've got you thinking about Energy Stealers, watch THIS VIDEO from last year's Tackle-A-Stealer Competition.


The Black and Gold City Goes Green campaign aims to reduce residential carbon pollution in the wonderful city of Pittsburgh.

The Black And Gold City Goes Green The Black And Gold City Goes Green